Sep 13, 2021

My Development Environment

Here's the tools I use as a professional freelance web developer.

Hardware: MacBook Pro, LG 34" Ultrawide, Razer Huntsman Mini keyboard, Corsair Scimitar mouse, Bose QC35 II headphones.

IDE: JetBrains PHPStorm and RubyMine

Text editor: Vim

Git GUI: GitKraken

Documentation: Dash

Database GUI: TablePlus

Local development environment: Laravel Valet, Docker with minikube

Secrets: KeePassXC

Logging Notifications: Discord

Projects: Todoist

Notes: Bear (also evaluating Obsidian and Notion)

Remote desktop client: AnyDesk

Time tracking / billing: Upwork

Design: Affinity Designer, Adobe Spark

Shells: Zsh, PowerShell

API Client: Insomnia

Browser: Firefox

Browser plugins: Vue Developer Tools, Measure-it, Cookie Autodelete, FireShot, Clear Cache

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