Sep 13, 2021

September Goals

  1. Coin Score MVP

Hopefully I'll get a minimum viable product out for my cryptocurrency job board. I'm using Vue and Ruby on Rails.

Completion metric: site deployed and ready for beta users.

2. Laravel Certification

I'm studying for and hoping to get it by the end of the month.

Completion metric: certification completed.

3. Learn Elixir

The Pragmatic Programmer recommends learning one new programming language every year. This year's for me is Elixir as well as its Phoenix framework.

Completion metric: build a tiny app with Phoenix.

4. Infrastructure Overhaul

I'm attempting to move from Laravel's products and Laravel-specific products like Laravel Forge, ChipperCI, and Envoyer to a mostly self-hosted infrastructure using Docker Swarm and Drone. Those products are lovely, but they're expensive and only work with Laravel.

Completion metric: nothing remaining on Forge, full CI/CD elsewhere.

5. Restart Business

I'd like to breathe life back into my small LLC I had to shut down when moving.

Completion metric: business registration submitted.

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